Su Mon Wong: A pioneer of marketing education at QUT. Named the inaugural Pearson ANZMAC Marketing Educator of the Year in 2002, the outstanding 34-year career of QUT marketing lecturer, Su Mon Wong, is being recognised through a new scholarship for talented marketing students.

Through this video, several of Su Mon’s alumni and Professor Peter Little, Executive Dean, QUT Faculty of Business, reflect on what made his teaching so memorable and why they have supported the Su Mon Wong Endowment.

Take a walk down memory lane with Su Mon and friends and learn more about this outstanding educator whose legacy will support QUT marketing students for generations to come...


Gino De Pasquale: Right from the moment you engage with Su Mon, you know he cares. He’s not up there – it’s not a tape recording session, he’s not counting down the hours until he gets to go home and have dinner with the wife and kids. He is passionate about what he does.

David Moffat: All of a sudden we walked into this marketing lecture and it was like, ‘Wow.’

David Pradella: He was a fireball of energy. I remember being fascinated by him and I remember I had to really concentrate to understand what he was saying.

Keith Andrews: I can’t say what the secret source was in all of that, but no one disliked marketing – it was great fun when Su Mon was running the whole thing.

Professor Peter Little (Executive Dean): He is a legend, both within the school but also in the outside community and that’s a pretty powerful thing to be able to say about somebody.

Gino De Pasquale: You just know that he believes in it. And when someone believes in something so passionately, that’s when you want to follow and that’s what makes a true leader.

Teresa Gambaro: He really inspired me as a student and he gave me this great love of marketing.

Gino De Pasquale: He has led the way for so many people. And, not necessarily just academically, but he’s given a lot of people a lot of self–belief and given people a reason to care about something in the world of marketing.

Su Mon: I don’t spoon-feed my students. I make them think, I make them work. And you need to do it in such a way, that they enjoy it. You’ve got to do it in such a way that they say ‘Yeah, I learnt something, I like it and I’ll come back.’

Keith Andrews [CLASS OF 1982]: He wasn’t a lecturer to us. He inspired in us a big desire to want to come and learn from his classes.

Teresa Gambaro [CLASS OF 1982]: He has the magical way of communicating, teaching, inspiring, pushing you to your absolute limit and it was a pleasure to learn.

David Moffat [CLASS OF 1984]: Everything that Su Mon was about, was about the real world and being in the moment.

Emma Coaldrake [CLASS OF 2005]: I think he just has so much knowledge and experience and you feel like you really know what a marketing career would be like.

Peter Little [EXECUTUVE DEAN, QUT FACULTY OF BUSINESS]: He’s got an interesting business, and he has a number of business interests, and he’s able to bring that into the classroom.

David Moffat: And it was always about what was happening in the broader world and what was happening with the customers and he was hammering that customer message, light-years before everyone on the management stream got onto the idea.

David Pradella [CLASS OF 1977]: He was ahead of his time in what he was teaching; it was almost like a new science.

John George [CLASS OF 1989]: There was a lot of real world influence in how he taught. Su Mon used to pepper his classes with real world stories and anecdotes.

David Moffat: And all of those principles that he laid down in the first few years, have actually carried through and been reinforced.

Emma Coaldrake: That, more than anything is the stuff that sticks with you and is relevant every single day.

Su Mon: I think students come to the university to learn, to be taught, as a young mind. Its like a dry sponge. You keep on adding water, and they keep on soaking it up. You can pour good, quality, pure water or you can pour some dirty, rubbish water onto their head. Ask yourself is that what you want to do? That’s why I say to myself: ‘in the classroom, I have to behave, I have to teach them properly and I have to be a role model. Don’t forget I have to be a role model to my students.’

David Pradella: It’s the conviction that he has, of what he was teaching, that really determined his personality. And you just knew that you had a person who totally believed in what he said – and if you took the time out to listen to what he was saying, you were infected by that same passion.

Keith Andrews: He lifted the bar on what standards he expected. He set boundaries as to when we could be witty, funny and equally, when we had to be serious. And we all respected those as we gained more respect for him.

Gino De Pasquale [CLASS OF 1990]: That’s the trick. Its not like ‘There is one Su Mon and all of a sudden another one comes out’. When he teaches, that’s similar to the guy that you’ll see at home on the kitchen table.

Peter Little: I think the other thing is, he has a real charisma. I mean, he is, one of those larger than life characters.

David Moffat: I mean, Su Mon could have done anything. What he did, was he chose to impart his unique brand of enthusiasm and knowledge, to thousands and thousands and thousands of students over thirty-four years.

Keith Andrews: This was more than a career for him. I have no doubt he could have – if he was motivated by money, for example – made a fortune outside of QUT in the private practices. But, he enjoyed it, he took it very seriously, he wanted the students to do well and we were fortunate enough, for that experience, to have someone who cared. And to his credit, we’re all sitting here as recipients of that.

Teresa Gambaro: [addresses a lecture of students for which Su Mon Wong is a guest speaker]…a scholarship for a marketing student who shows promise, and Su Mon is here today to talk to you a little bit about marketing. Su Mon’s now retired, but Su Mon’s never retired. He works for a number of national and international companies helping them market their products to international market. So, So Mon, I’m greatly delighted that you’re joining and ladies and gentlemen, would you like to welcome, Su Mon Wong.

Su Mon Wong: You do, you know, you go back and you ask yourself, ‘Is there anything else I can do to help this student?’ I always challenge myself: is there something else I can do? I helped David, I helped Keith – that you’ll meet this afternoon, and I’ve helped others. But, you can’t win them all. [laughs] Not possible. Some of my colleagues tell me, ‘Su Mon – you worry too much. You care too much.’ I say to them, ‘Don’t forget – you and I are in a very privileged position, that we can influence the students – we can mould them, we can make them a better citizen, make them a better person.’ Very privileged. I never forget how privileged I am to have all these students to work with. And I think that makes a difference: I always know that it’s a privilege.

Su Mon: I sit here, I say ‘I wish I were young again’. You know why? I probably would play the game even harder. [laughs]

ON TITLES: After 34 years lecturing at QUT, Su Mon Wong retired from teaching.

Led by QUT and Su Mon’s alumni, 2010 will see the foundation of the Su Mon Won scholarship program.

This initiative will reward outstanding marketing students who demonstrate the values embodied by Su Mon Wong.

Su Mon Wong

Su Mon Wong a pioneer in Marketing education at QUT. [Watch video/Read bio]

Professor Peter Little AM

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Corporate Programs and Partnerships)
Former Executive Dean, QUT Business School
Discusses the Su Mon Wong Scholarship Program and alumni support
[Watch video/Read bio]

David Moffatt

QUT Chancellor's Outstanding Alumnus and QUT Business School Outstanding Alumni Award Winner, 2000
BBus (Management), Marketing major, Class of 1984
Relive Su Mon's vibrant teaching with David and Su Mon
[Watch video/Read bio]

Gino de Pasquale

Founder - Dojo Wellness Experience and The Authentic Executive
BBus (Management), marketing major, Class of 1990
Gino on Su Mon Wong
[Watch video/Read bio]

HON Teresa Gambaro MP

BBus (Management), Class of 1982
Teresa on Su Mon Wong
[Watch video/Read bio]

Keith Andrews

CEO, Global Television
BBus (Management), Marketing major, Class of 1982
Keith on Su Mon Wong
[Watch video/Read bio]

Emma Coaldrake

Product Manager
BBus (Marketing), Class of 2005
Emma on Su Mon Wong
[Watch video/Read bio]

David Pradella

Managing Director, Pradella Property Ventures
QUT Business School Outstanding Alumni Award winner, 2006
BBus (Management), Class of 1977
David on Su Mon Wong
[Watch video/Read bio]

John George

Director, The George Group
QUT Business School Outstanding Alumni Award winner, 1997
BBus (Management), Marketing major, Class of 1989
John on Su Mon Wong
[Watch video/Read bio]
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