Who do philanthropists give to?

The following data has been extracted from the Giving Australia 2016 Philanthropy and philanthropists report. The full report is available for free download.

The top three issues/areas to which survey respondents directed their grantmaking were:

  • social services (63.7%)
  • education and research (62.7%), and
  • health (52.9%).

The majority of respondents (81.4%) reported having a process to review their grantmaking priorities.

Just over half (53.9%) of respondents indicated the grantmaking processes of their fund(s) have changed significantly over the past 10 years.

The top three influences over granting choices were:

  • alignment with personal passions
  • sound governance in the receiving organisation, and
  • perceived competence of the charity.

The level of due diligence of organisations or causes undertaken by donors differed with the size of a gift.

Reporting and evaluation were seen by many as having an important role to play in considering repeat funding with respondents noting that:

  • reporting and evaluation processes required adequate resourcing of skills and time, and
  • some projects have much longer-term outcomes or indirect benefits that are difficult to measure.

Just under half (46.9%) of respondents stated that their fund has conducted an evaluation of its own effectiveness.

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