Real photos of real people update 1 June 2016

Again we are pleased to present to you a selected real photos of real people taking real actions image. More photos are to come.


Lending A Helping Hand

Help Me With It is a new way to get help and to help others. Help Me With It is a service connecting individuals who need help to do one-off tasks with individuals who can volunteer their time to fix, clean, care, shop, transport, garden, sort, teach and more. The Brisbane pilot of the service has just finished, and it will be launched in late 2016 in South-east Queensland. For more information about Help Me With It, please go to the website at

Don’t forget, if you are involved with a charity or nonprofit organisation, or if you are a volunteer or a philanthropist, we would love to tell your story.

We have a range of publications on giving, volunteering and the nonprofit sector in which your photos may be published. The findings of our research projects help people and nonprofit organisations and benefit communities across Australia.


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  1. Tracy-Anne Collins

    A fantastic initiative! The State of Volunteering survey, conducted by Volunteering Australia and PwC published earlier this year called for a platform like this to connect informal volunteers (those volunteering outside of official organisations) with informal volunteering opportunities. The report can be accessed here for more info:

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