Key business giving insights

The following data has been extracted from the Giving Australia 2016 Business giving and volunteering report. The full report is available for free download.

The qualitative data indicates that giving by business has evolved since 2005 to be embedded in the strategies of the largest businesses in Australia and that most businesses of all sizes were seeking to generate a positive social impact from what they gave.[1]

In 2015–16, large businesses (200 or more employees) represented only 0.2% of all businesses, yet gave
$9 billion in their last financial year (51% of total business giving) (see Figure 1). On average, large business gave $2.5 million per organisation. SMEs, which comprise 99.8% of all businesses in Australia, gave
$8.5 billion in their last financial year (see Figure 1).

[1] Social impact is the net effect of an activity on a community and the wellbeing of individuals and families [CSI 2016]. A social impact can be positive or negative. In 2015–2016, one of the objectives driving business giving was to generate an impact in the community that improved or strengthened the well-being of individuals, households, or communities.

Corporations, the largest businesses in the nation, gave $7.9 billion (88% of large business giving: see Figure 2).

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