Disrupted generation: What can we learn from Millennials’ attitude to giving?

Millennials should be considered no less disruptive than the apps they use and the economy they’re shaping, according to QUT Business Insights. Their impact can be seen in the changing face of corporate responsibility and the growing importance of philanthropic work.

ACPNS Director, Associate Professor Wendy Scaife says we are seeing a stronger emphasis on young people’s values alignment to those of the organisations they choose to engage with.

‘Millennials are generally giving more in a spontaneous way than older generations,’ Wendy says. ‘We’re also seeing this idea of serial volunteering – many don’t want to be involved with a single organisation for life, but to make as much impact as they can in the short term before moving on.’

The ideal workplace for Millennials is one of shared values, recognition and a sense that what they’re doing matters.

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