ACPNS/FIA Alumni Anniversary Breakfast – Key take-aways on Millennials

Snack-sized and good for you

What are some of the take-aways from this morning’s breakfast? Well, mainly that fundraisers shouldn’t be thinking of Millennials as an unattainable demographic. They’re really not that different to other generations.

  • They have similar motivations and behaviours – differences are due to life stage and capacity to give
  • They’re not being approached in traditional ways – fundraisers need to go where they are
  • They want hands-on engagement
  • Millennial employees desire purpose, feedback and flexibility
  • They give to causes not organisations
  • Nonprofits need to articulate their mission and communicate their impact – don’t underestimate the importance of your website
  • Collective giving can be an effective way for Millennials to fundraise
  • Millennials aren’t waiting to give – they want to give while accumulating funds
  • Have you considered a Millennial on your Board?

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