Celebrating the end of the Household Survey

We joined Angela from McNair Ingenuity Research on the phone and toasted the end of the Giving Australia 2016 Household Survey with our version of champagne (sparkling apple juice). Over 6,200 telephone interviews were completed with individuals Australia-wide on their experiences in giving and volunteering. Congratulations to everyone involved!


The Giving Australia 2016 team celebrates with apple juice. From L-R: Sandy Gadd, Dr Denise Conroy, Marie Crittall, Assoc Prof Wendy Scaife,  and Dr Matthew Flynn.

Real photos of real people update 24 May 2016

The Giving Australia 2016 team is pleased to present to you one of the first of our real photos of real people taking real actions. More photos will be published in the coming weeks.


Spreading the Word

This photo was taken at the Logan Social Enterprise Expo and features Leanne Paulsen, Company Director of Project4Change Ltd, a Not for Profit Community Enterprise Property Development company. Project4Change is building homes in the outer Brisbane area to provide affordable housing for low income earners and those who are marginalised in society. Their current project is the construction of an Integrated Community in Leichardt, a suburb of Ipswich. The project consists of 21 residences comprising of 17 stand-alone 3 bedroom townhouses, 2 gold level adaptable disability (with carer-accommodation) units and two single bedroom, single level units, primarily for women over 50 as ageing in place. For more information, visit www.project4change.org.au

Don’t forget, if you are involved with a charity or nonprofit organisation, or if you are a volunteer or a philanthropist, we would love to tell your story.

We have a range of publications on giving, volunteering and the nonprofit sector in which your photos may be published. The findings of our research projects help people and nonprofit organisations and benefit communities across Australia.